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The Liberia Forestry Training Institute (FTI) has been the main technical and field-based training program for mid-level forest and natural resource management technicians in Liberia and across the Mano River Union.  FTI is a two-year, post-secondary school based in Tubmanburg, Liberia offering programs in wood science, mechanics, and forest ranger technical areas.  The forest ranger program currently offers courses focused on commercial and community forestry. Theoretically, FTI’s niche is in providing students with hands-on training in applied forestry – complementing the more academic focused forest and natural resource management programs offered at the Universities of Liberia and Cuttington.

FTI as an institution that is physically decaying, and several buildings on the campus require renovation or demolition and complete reconstruction. Among the various construction needs on the campus, the Common Hall was the top priority needing reconstruction. The Common Hall is a focal point of the campus geographically, and is used as a lecture hall, staff meeting space, and for graduation ceremonies and other large, high-profile events. Construction of a new Conservation Forestry Hall and Offices, Reinforced Water Tower, Septic Tank, Reinforced Concrete Pipe Culvert and Water Distribution System at the Forestry Training Institute located in Bomi County, Liberia would amplify the US Government’s technical assistance to the school by providing a venue to teach the updated conservation curriculum, and would deliver a lasting contribution to the institution and Liberia’s entire forestry sector.  

The objectives of the FTI Project are to construct a new Conservation Forestry Hall with offices, verandah, kitchen, toilet facilities, walkway around the building, manholes and a septic tank, a Reinforced Concrete Pipe Culvert, a reinforced concrete water tower and with a bore-well with water supply system using submersible pump supplying the tower water distribution system available to reach the newly constructed building.

Current Activities

  • Construction of hall
  • Construction of reinforced water tower


Last updated: February 19, 2021

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