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Letter from the Mission Director

Fernando Cossich, Mission Director

I would like to welcome you to USAID/Paraguay’s webpage. It has updated information on our work and our achievements. I hope you find this information valuable.

U.S. development assistance to Paraguay began in 1942. Working with the Paraguayan people, USAID support has concentrated on agriculture, health, education, public works, and economic reform, while also strengthening democratic institutions and protecting the environment. USAID assistance has improved the quality of life of the Paraguayans and expanded the country’s economic potential. Notable achievements of this assistance include the construction of the buildings that house the Ministry of Health, the Barrio Obrero and Juan Max Boettner hospitals, the Trans-Chaco highway, the water and sewer systems of Asuncion, and the roads to Ciudad del Este and Pedro Juan Caballero. Assistance from USAID and other donors facilitated judicial reform, leading to the replacement of the written inquisitorial system of administering justice –which dated back to the colonial era – with a modern adversarial, public, oral trial system. Working with the private sector and private voluntary organizations USAID also developed the country's FIRST Graduate Level university program in Paraguay.

Current USAID/Paraguay investments support Government of Paraguay efforts to increase transparency, fight corruption and reduce poverty. Our work with public institutions strengthens management and governance systems, improves accountability mechanisms and professionalizes the civil service. USAID activities increase inclusive and sustainable economic development for small-scale producers, especially vulnerable populations in the Northern region. We promote alternative economic uses for standing forests in the Chaco and Oriental regions as well as reforestation and landscape restoration in the Departments of Alto Parana and Caazapá. We also support effective labor inclusion for people with disabilities and promote gender equality and female empowerment in the agricultural sector.

I welcome your interest in our programs and encourage you to contact us with any questions or comments.

Thank you,

Fernando Cossich
USAID/Paraguay Mission Director

Last updated: October 07, 2016

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