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Training of TB lab workers from Talas oblast

Each year in the Kyrgyz Republic, over 5,500 people are diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB), an infectious disease that can be deadly if untreated. Until recently, however, the country did not have laboratories that met the high requirements of the international laboratory standard known as ISO-15189.

Kids enjoy playing with new maize yield that is twice as much as last year

Nearly all farmers in the southern oblast of Jalal-Abad in Kyrgyzstan grow maize according to traditional methods—with outdated techniques and high manual labor—which limit profitability. Often, the maize they grow for animal feed is not enough, so they must buy additional feed to get through the winter.

Dastan Niazov: I am going to vote, and you?

While youth political participation in Kyrgyzstan has been historically low, Kyrgyz youth are active on social media, often accessing it via mobile networks that cover most of the country. Could a campaign to turn online activity into real-life activity at the polling stations make a difference in voter turnout?


Last updated: October 04, 2017

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