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TB CARE I Program

USAID TB CARE I is a five–year program designed to assist the Kyrgyz Republic in implementation of its National Tuberculosis Program (NTP).

Implemented by KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, USAID TB CARE I provides assistance in the following technical areas: universal access to care and treatment, laboratory capacity, infection control, MDR TB and monitoring and evaluation. Key interventions include updating TB control policies, building the capacity of local health care providers to deliver high quality of care, and providing mentoring and supervisory support to partners in the application of effective modern TB control practices nationwide.

Key interventions under of USAID TB CARE I support include:

  • Introduction of expanded outpatient TB care in Bishkek
  • Strengthening coordination between prison and general TB services  
  • Development of the National Laboratory Plan, National GeneXpert Strategy, and National Maintenance Guidelines for Laboratory Equipment 
  • Development of National TB IC Guidelines with IC instructions Development of Guidelines on DR TB and TB in Children
  • Development of regulations on palliative care of TB patients
  • Updating TB recording and reporting system in accordance with current WHO definitions
  • Improvement of IC practices in TB facilities across Kyrgyzstan
  • Support to development of the National M&E plan 
  • Support to development of the National TB program for 2013-2016

The USAID TB CARE I program contributes to establishing collaboration and coordination mechanism among all partners involved in TB control, efficiently mobilizing available capital and human resources to fight this disease in the Kyrgyz Republic. 

For more information on TB CARE I program please see this web-site: http://www.tbcare1.org/countries/car/kyr/

Last updated: October 04, 2017

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