USAID and 50 Local Governments Team Up to Improve Public Services for Kyrgyzstanis

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More than 31,000 residents in 24 municipalities now have access to clean drinking water.
More than 31,000 residents in 24 municipalities now have access to clean drinking water.
Olivier Leblanc

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Monday, June 7, 2021

On June 4, the USAID Community and Municipal Governance project presented the results of its partnership with 50 municipalities during the Fifth Forum of Aimaks, the largest conference devoted to issues of local government. Over the last five years, the project helped to improve local public services for tens of thousands of Kyrgyzstanis.

Garbage collection, access to drinking water, street lighting, music clubs, and sports venues are the most visible services provided at the local level. As part of the project, USAID worked with municipalities across the country to help them improve the quality of life for ordinary citizens.

For example, more than 31,000 residents in 24 municipalities now have access to clean drinking water. The project helped these municipalities develop new tariffs, get residents to support these changes, and improve management of water resources. These reforms helped to generate income for municipalities that is used to maintain the water systems and invest in further development.

Thanks to the cooperation with the project, we have managed to improve the quality of drinking water supply for the residents of Aravan and Madaniyat villages. Our residents are now using water more rationally” says Jalolidin Nurbaev, head of Allya Anarov municipality of Osh region. “We also noticed that clean water helped to reduce the number of gastrointestinal diseases.” 

Introduction of innovative approaches also helped to improve garbage collection services for about 23,000 residents of nine municipalities. More than 3,200 children and teenagers in 24 municipalities are now attending sports and extra-curricular classes in improved conditions. Local authorities have effectively organized proper operation of such clubs, and hired coaches and teachers.

According to USAID/Kyrgyz Republic Acting Mission Director Alder Bartlett, the project helped to bring one more change that is less visible, but more important. “It’s the change in the mindset. Many of our partner municipalities saw that changes do not always require extra money. We witnessed how creative thinking and proper management can improve lives even without additional funding”, said Dr. Bartlett.

USAID has been working with the Kyrgyz Republic to strengthen local governance since the early days of the country’s independence. Strong municipalities contribute to increased economic development and improve the quality of life for Kyrgyzstanis.

Last updated: November 24, 2021

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