USAID and the Kyrgyz Republic Ombudsperson to Strengthen Partnership  

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USAID and the Ombudsperson’s Institute have a long history of cooperation.
USAID and the Ombudsperson’s Institute have a long history of cooperation.

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Friday, June 10, 2022

Today, USAID Mission Director Kaya Adams met with the Ombudsperson of the Kyrgyz Republic Atyr Abdrakhmatova to discuss partnership in improving citizens’ access to justice and promoting human rights and freedoms in the Kyrgyz Republic. 

USAID and the Ombudsperson’s Institute have a long history of cooperation. Currently, they are working together on the 115 Hotline to provide free legal advice to citizens. USAID’s Jigerduu Jarandar project has provided qualified lawyers who consult over the phone on a wide range of legal issues, such as land disputes, civil rights, citizens’ legal status, and family issues. 

Over the period of 15 months (from February 2021 to May 2022 inclusive),  the 115 Hotline lawyers funded by USAID provided 2,516 consultations to 1,869 beneficiaries, including 1,133 women. Consultations addressed criminal law issues (24% or 601); a range of civil law cases (23% or 582); family law (13% or 334); land issues (11% or 271); social rights issues (8% or 200).  Of this pool of cases, 51 were related to domestic violence.  

During the meeting Ombudsperson Atyr Abdrahmatova talked about strategic directions of the Ombudsperson’s Institute’s work over the next several years. According to her, protection of rights, especially social and economic rights of the most vulnerable groups, including migrants, will remain a high priority in Ombudsperson’s work. 

In turn, Kaya Adams highlighted that observing fundamental rights and international commitments is critical for the country’s development. She stressed that recognizing the importance of the work of the Ombudsperson’s Institute USAID is committed to further supporting these efforts.

The meeting concluded with the agreement that USAID and Ombudsperson Institute will jointly explore opportunities to ensure citizens’ effective access to rights protection and remedies, especially in the situations of gender-based and domestic violence. The sides also agreed on the need to sustain in the long term the positive impact of the enhanced free legal aid services supported through the Jigerduu Jarandar project.  

The Jigerduu Jarandar project is funded by USAID and is implemented by FHI 360 and its partners from Kyrgyz civil society organizations. Through community-led civic engagement and support for national initiatives, the project aims to improve public services and access to justice based on a commitment to inclusive democratic values and equal application of the rule of law.

For more information, please contact: 

Elmira Madieva, Ombudsperson Institute (0557 565691)
Dinara Akmatbekova, USAID’s Jigerduu Jarandar project (, 0550 206652)

Last updated: June 22, 2022

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