Nonpartisan Domestic Observation of Elections

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The project seeks to increase voter confidence in the electoral process
The project seeks to increase voter confidence in the electoral process.
Vyacheslav Oseledko

Under this program, USAID supports independent and nonpartisan observation of the electoral process. 

Duration: Mar 2020 – Nov 2021

Budget: $1.6 million

Implementing Partner: Common Cause

Key Partners: Central Election Commission

The activity supports the Kyrgyz government’s “Strategy for Improving the Legislation Governing Elections for 2018-2020” by promoting citizen engagement and oversight of the electoral process through domestic observation. The project seeks to increase voter confidence in the electoral process; increase transparency about campaign practices and electoral administration; and promote electoral processes that adhere to international democratic standards and the laws of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Observing elections. Common Cause works as an accredited, nonpartisan domestic observation organization to conduct long-term and short-term observation of elections in the Kyrgyz Republic.  
Voter education and election-related analysis. Common Cause also conducts voter education and public polling, and collaborates with other civil society organizations and experts on analysis and improvement of the electoral framework.


Nonpartisan Domestic Election Observation 

Organized nationwide election monitoring campaigns for the 2020 Parliamentary and 2021 Presidential elections. In these efforts, Common Cause fielded more than 1,000 observers supported by lawyers and experts. The organization processed over 8,700 observation reports to assess the pre-election period, election day and post-election developments. Common Cause filed 246 violations of the electoral law, some of which had an impact and resulted in legal punishments of local election commission members and in some cases in annulation of the results. Based on the outcomes of the monitoring efforts, 73 recommendations were made to the relevant state agencies on improving the electoral system and practices.

Election Analysis

Common Cause produced more than 90 information and analytical materials, which were distributed among local and international media outlets to inform people about voter’s rights, violations during elections and election observation findings. These materials were used in more than 400 media publications. The organization’s employees and experts were invited to more than 50 TV programs and interviews by well-known media platforms such as Azattyk, BBC and others.

Public Polling 

To better illustrate people’s expectations, concerns and attitudes towards elections and the electoral system, Common Cause completed 6 nation-wide representative public opinion polls including one face-to-face field research. They helped develop a continuous nationwide information campaign and five computer-assisted telephone surveys on election-related topics.

Get Out the Vote and Voter Education Campaigns

Common Cause conducted an in-person Get Out the Vote campaign reaching around 30,000 voters and a nation-wide leaflet campaign reaching more than 10,000 people to inform them about elections, voting procedures, violations during elections and what measures they can take to prevent electoral fraud.  Common Cause also informed 2.5 million users on Facebook and Instagram about the importance of participating in elections, security of citizens personal data, electoral law violations such as violation of the secrecy of voting, misuse of the administrative resources and vote-buying through 8 PSAs in Kyrgyz and Russian languages.

Convening Stakeholders on Electoral Reforms

Common Cause contributed to bringing together all election monitoring organizations, such as Taza Shailoo, Egl, AST, and MDC to unite efforts of the civil society in promoting free and fair elections as part of an informal coalition, which issued joint positions and statements on election issues. Common Cause also organized 13 public events to bring together various international organizations, embassies, state institutions and agencies, civil society organizations, and independent experts such as representatives of the Central Election Commission, Ministry of Internal Affairs, State Registry Service, OSCE, NDI, Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan and discuss electoral issues and observation efforts’ results.

Last updated: September 23, 2021

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