Kyrgyzstan Political Processes Program: IRI

The program continues outreach activities to promote political participation of women.
The program continues outreach activities to promote political participation of women.

Duration:  2016 – 2021

Budget:  $10 million (CEPPS)

Implementing Partner:  International Republic Institute (IRI)

Key Partners: Political Parties, Central Election Commission, Zhenskaya Demokratichyskaya Set, Civil Society

Activity Locations: Nationwide

Under the program, IRI works to improve the Kyrgyz Republic’s democratic path by assisting in development of a strong multi-party political system, cultivating leaders by equipping youth and women with the skills to engage in the political process and improving local government transparency and responsiveness.

Major Focus Areas

This program is implemented by all three members of the Consortium for Elections and Political Process Strengthening (CEPPS): International Republic Institute (IRI), International Foundation for Elections Support (IFES) and National Democratic Institute (NDI).
IRI focuses on strengthening capacity of political actors in order to address key areas of citizen concern by encouraging the development of issue-based platforms and campaigns, improving their organizational and management skills.  actors. 

Annually, IRI conducts a national poll that assesses public opinion on political, economic, social, international and electoral affairs. During election cycles, IRI focuses on strengthening electoral processes by working closely with both civil society and political actors in order to provide candidate and campaign workshops as well as extensive, nationwide election observer training for political party members, candidate volunteers and civil activists.

IRI also works with politically active youth and women in order to empower them to be more active in decision-making processes by focusing on issue-based advocacy.

Expected Results and Achievements

Under this project, IRI will continue to perform assessment of political parties in order to better rate their abilities to actively compete in elections. The assessments will help to build issue-based platforms and improve their communication and message development. 
The Institute with CEPPS partners also works with key political and electoral stakeholders, including the Central Election Commission, in order to address consistent challenges to electoral openness and transparency.

IRI is regularly engaging politically active youth in order to provide them a forum to discuss political and social issues impacting youth, specifically in elections. IRI will continue to collaborate with young leaders to strengthen the existing national youth network that helps to encourage youth civic and social participation throughout Kyrgyzstan. In order to encourage healthy competition among various political actors including young people, IRI will facilitate a televised debate show focused on issues of concern to voters. 

IRI will continue outreach activities to promote political participation of women. Under the previous Political Processes Program, IRI helped to set up Zhenskaya Demokraticheskaya Set’ (ZDS), a nationwide women’s political network that aims to support women activists and emphasize the role of women in decision-making processes. Now the network unites more than 5,000 active women from the Parliament and local councils to civil society. One of the highlights of this work will be the fourth, annual national conference on expanding leadership opportunities for women, attended by some of Kyrgyzstan’s most active women. The Institute will work on assisting politically active women with building their advocacy capacity in order to increase their national and local visibility. 

IRI continues to provide credible and consistent national polling data to relevant stakeholders in the Kyrgyz Republic. Presentation of the poll results is followed by training seminars for political parties on how to interpret the survey data and utilize the findings to improve party performance. Moreover, with the continuous growth in new media usage, particularly among young persons, IRI is supporting a social media page that increases the Institute’s access to citizens, as well as serves as a platform for live broadcasting of the youth debates and ZDS events. 

Last updated: April 24, 2019

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