Enhancing Employability And Civic Engagement Of Youth (Demilgeluu Jashtar)

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More than 300 youth successfully completed social entrepreneurship programs and 14 were supported with in-kind grants to start their own businesses.
More than 300 youth successfully completed social entrepreneurship programs and 14 were supported with in-kind grants to start their own businesses.
USAID/Kyrgyz Republic

Demilgeluu Jashtar project supports youth to more actively and positively participate in civic, social and economic life and contribute to the development of their families and communities.

Duration: October 2, 2017 – September 30, 2022

Budget: $3.3 million

Implementing Partners:

  • Kyrgyzstan Mountain Societies Development Support Programme (MSDSP KG)
  • University of Central Asia (UCA)
  • International Debate Education Association in Central Asia (IDEA CA)
  • Association of Social Entrepreneurs (ASE)
  • Aga Khan Foundation in Kyrgyz Republic (AKF)

Activity Locations:

  • Suzak district, Jalal-Abad oblast
  • Kochkor district, Naryn oblast
  • Naryn town, Naryn oblast


Youth aged 14-28 make up almost a quarter of Kyrgyzstan’s population and are a great human resource for the country’s development. However, only about half of these young people have completed their high school education, and every eighth young man or woman cannot find a job. The Demilgeluu Jashtar project aims to help young people find ways to be more active in their communities as well as be better prepared for the labor market. In particular, the project:

  • Provides training for young people on leadership, life skills, entrepreneurship, and professional development skills.
  • Works with young people to help them solve issues and develop initiatives that support their communities in cooperation with local governments.

Demilgeluu Jashtar supports the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic to implement the National Development Strategy of the Kyrgyz Republic (2018-2040), the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic on State Youth Policy, the State Youth Policy and the Action Plan for the Implementation of the National Youth Policy Strategy.


  • More than 750 young people in target areas came together to form Youth Working Groups in 24 communities. The project trained these groups to identify the needs of their communities in Bazar-Korgon and Suzak districts of Jalal-Abad oblast, Aravan district of Osh oblast, Naryn and Kochkor districts of Naryn oblast and find ways to address them. These teams are also working with their local governments to develop local policies that take into consideration the problems of young people.
  • Youth Working Groups implemented 12 youth-driven initiatives benefiting 13,540 people, for example, preparing secondary school students for the national exams, improving relationships between parents and teenagers, providing career orientation courses to school graduates, and improving community waste management.
  • 75 youth priorities, including the need for entrepreneurial skills, debate, analytical, and research training were identified and integrated into 24 Ayil Okmotu (Village Administrations) Local Development Strategies.
  • 12 working groups expanded the COVID-19 response plans of their local municipalities and implemented 12 COVID mitigation initiatives, such as improving sanitation and hygiene conditions in schools that benefited over 8,000 people.
  • 93 IT teachers from 39 schools completed the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) computer skills learning course. In 2 schools from Naryn oblast, ICDL test centers were established, enabling students to take exams and receive official ICDL certificates. ICDL is a globally recognized information and communication technology and digital literacy qualification.
  • 36 youth-led businesses successfully completed a entrepreneurship accelerator program and 7 received in-kind grants to expand operations. In addition, more than 300 youth successfully completed social entrepreneurship programs and 14 were supported with in-kind grants to start their own businesses.
  • Developed an innovative drama series to promote debate as a tool for self-development among youth and to train project participants on this methodology.  The series consists of six episodes of 15 – 25 minutes each. Using the skills learned from these materials, 1,063 young people participated in 12 debate tournaments.
  • More than 400 young activists and 39,450 viewers participated in Youth Forums and so-called Social Make-a-thons organized by the project. Youth came together to discuss the latest developments in business, marketing, politics, civic activism, and other relevant topics. These forums inspire young people to become leaders, entrepreneurs, and active members of their communities. Forums took place in Bishkek (2018) and Jalal-Abad (2019). In 2021, two forums were carried out online.

Last updated: April 12, 2022

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