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USAID's projects in Kosovo focus on increasing economic growth and strengthening democracy and governance to help achieve lasting security, prosperity and stability for all Kosovan citizens. Some of the Agency's efforts in the country include:

  • Strengthening the rule of law and expanding access to justice;
  • Increasing the transparency of government institutions and countering corruption;
  • Fostering the growth of an independent media ecosystem;
  • Enabling the legislature to deliver results for citizens;
  • Generating economic opportunity and well-paying jobs for all Kosovans;
  • Connecting citizens across ethnic and geographic divides; 
  • Enabling everyone, particularly youth, in every community to have – and use – their voice effectively;
  • Helping local governments better work with citizens to respond to concerns voiced by the community; 
  • Helping Kosovo build a clean, secure energy future; and 
  • Strengthening private sector-led growth.

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