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Communities Work Together to Breathe New Life into Kosovo’s Schools

The war that ravaged Kosovo in the late 1990s took a devastating toll on the country’s infrastructure, and its schools were no exception. Even in 2010, when USAID launched its Basic Education Program, most classrooms were little more than open rooms with very few of the kinds of educational materials that could be found elsewhere in Europe. 

Youth from Zubin Potok started his own production of shitake mushrooms with help from USAID

Miloš Grujić, a civil engineering student from Kosovo's Zupče/Zupçë village in the town of Zubin Potok, first discovered the shiitake mushroom while surfing the Internet in search of a viable business idea. An entrepreneurial young man in a country with high unemployment, Grujić did not want to wait for a job to find him. After researching what it would take to cultivate the mushrooms, he developed a business plan and approached USAID’s Community Action Initiative Program for help to purchase his startup materials.

Access to clean water as the most basic human needs.

Access to clean water is one of the most basic human needs. Without a proper water drainage system in place, wastewater can wreak havoc on communities large and small, carrying disease and damaging property. For a small village in northern Kosovo, a damaged water drainage channel had devastating effects on the health and livelihood of the community.

USAID supported road renovations in Čitluk/Çitlluk (Zubin Potok), increasing seniors’ access to health care.

Reliable transportation infrastructure is vital for the economic and social development of a remote community, particularly as it concerns residents’ access to health care and education.

New varieties, technologies and practices put table grape industry on path to growth.

USAID’s comprehensive efforts to modernize Kosovo’s table grape industry have paid off, with local growers signing a major export deal to supply markets in Western Europe.


Last updated: September 01, 2016

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