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Bumper crops of strawberries have two first-time entrepreneurs reeling in profits — and eyeing expansion thanks to USAID

Two young agricultural entrepreneurs in Kosovo, both fresh out of college, are enjoying the fruits of their labor: record-breaking yields of strawberries. But the story of their success involves more than formal education.

Cost Sharing Triples Impact of Kosovo Water Project

In September 2008, 60 percent of rural communities in Kosovo did not have clean drinking water. That’s when USAID stepped in with a $5 million investment and a three-year plan.

Partnering with Officials in Kosovo’s Disputed North on  Priority Community Needs

For the mayors who were elected to represent Kosovo’s four northern Serb-majority municipalities for the first time in the newly independent country’s history, their most important task upon taking office in early 2014 was to instill confidence in their constituency. They needed to show the citizens of their communities that they not only understood their needs, but that they would follow through on campaign promises to meet them.

USAID initiative challenged communities to break down cultural barriers and empower women leaders.

Ružica Milutinović is quick to point to her husband’s accomplishments as an activist and president of the assembly in their rural north Kosovo village of Grabovac/Graboc, but one need not spend much time with her before it is clear that she is a community advocate in her own right.

Flowering plant valued as a cosmetic ingredient provides regular income for rural poor

A flower prized by the skin care industry is also key to long-lasting financial stability for a multiethnic group of women who recently started growing it in Kosovo.


Last updated: October 13, 2016

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