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A Kosovo teacher trains her colleagues to make their teaching more effective

Thousands of primary school teachers in Kosovo are learning how to instruct their students more effectively and to rapidly determine if the lessons are being absorbed.

USAID helping case backlog in Kosovo Courts

When Kosovo’s new decentralized judicial structure went into effect in January 2013, courts had a better model for efficiency moving forward, but faced an uphill battle in tackling the many cases left unresolved under the old system.

ourth Annual Week of Women Targets Strengthening Kosovo’s Rule of Law

When women are elected, they become advocates for issues that affect everyone: better health care, child care and education, among others. In Kosovo, like elsewhere, women often struggle to make their voices heard in predominately male organizations, where their contributions can be dismissed as nothing more than meeting a quota.

 Impact on One Kosovo Community

Istog/Istok in northwest Kosovo is one of the country’s most remote municipalities. With the region’s approximately 40,000 residents spread across the town and its 50 surrounding villages, agriculture and tourism form the basis of its developing economy.

The organization brings together legal professionals from both sides of the gavel to advocate for women in leadership positions

Kosovo State Prosecutor Laura Pula raised a few eyebrows when she finished a recent speech to law students with this quote from Lord of the Flies author William Golding, but she certainly had their attention.


Last updated: February 23, 2017

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