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Super Changers - The Next Generation of Leaders

Rexhep Kameraj, Leonora Javori, Blerona Tmava, and Afrim Berisha are all “super changers,” or some of the most engaged participants on the online platform Fole n’Fole (Speak in the Nest). There, young people are free to post articles and discuss their opinions on politics and other social topics such as opportunities at school and university. There are over 600 active members on the site, with posts and debates happening regularly.

Laying the Foundations for Ownership Rights and a Vibrant Property Market Through Legalization

August 2016—While rapid construction after the war in Kosovo supported increased urbanization, it also resulted in many buildings that were built without a permit.

Kosovo Scholars Launch Own Organization after Returning from United States

Kosovo activists are getting valuable assistance to effect change in their country and promote citizen participation in the democratic process

New Roads Connect Communities in Kosovo

For the first time in 20 years, a road running through Kosovo’s northwestern village of Banjskë/Banjska has been repaired, enabling the village’s community of Kosovo Albanians and Kosovo Serbs to come closer together.

Free Childcare Program Supports Single Parents and Their Children in Kosovo

With preschools and kindergartens often filled past capacity in Kosovo, it is especially difficult for single parents to arrange child care. But now some cities are offering free child care, to the benefit of children and parents alike. It all began with a discussion of social issues.


Last updated: February 23, 2017

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