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Kosovo Blueberries filling markets in Netherlands

Making the move from an administrative job in the Netherlands to growing blueberries in western Kosovo has had its ups and downs for Besnik Lila. In Kosovo, blueberries are currently grown on a modest 50 hectares in total, over six different production zones involving 20 growers.

Local Entrepreneur’s Story of Struggle and Growth

The five-year USAID EMPOWER Private Sector project aims to create jobs in Kosovo by helping businesses identify and pursue opportunities for growth. To date, the project, which began in 2014, has assisted 364 Kosovo businesses like Milos and Marta to expand their production and sales. By fostering and encouraging growth opportunities, USAID has stimulated $83.8 million in sales among its beneficiary companies and helped create nearly 3,000 new jobs since 2015.

Entrepreneurship Heats Up in Kosovo Via Venture Incubator

Late last year, the University of Pristhina, Kosovo’s largest public university, launched an innovation and entrepreneurship center that has exceeded even the highest expectations of its founders. While initial training events were planned for 100 students, demand mushroomed to over 1,000 applicants. Public presentations, such as Women in Entrepreneurship, played to a sold-out auditorium in the university that serves 50,000 students.

For Kosovo’s Debtors, Bank Accounts Are No Longer Safe Havens

Kosovo’s Bank Account Registry, managed by the Central Bank of Kosovo, continuously maintains updated information on the nearly 2.5 million bank accounts in the country’s commercial banking system. A simple feature added to the registry’s software helps prevent fraud and ultimately addresses corruptive practices. 

Made in Kosovo: Kosovo Wood Sector Builds Its Reputation

For the thousands of Kosovars who fled violence during the country’s armed conflict in 1998-99, returning to burned-down homes and a stunted economy presented great challenges and hardships. For entrepreneurs, however, opportunities existed amid the ruin, especially in Kosovo’s burgeoning wood-processing sector.


Last updated: August 07, 2018

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