Kosovo Municipalities Awarded for Good Performance

Incentive Fund award recipients
Incentive Fund award recipients (left to right) Svilanovic Marko, Deputy Mayor of Klokot/ Vrbovac Municipality; Stojanovic Bojan, Mayor of Gracanica; Rufki Suma, Mayor of Hani i Elezit; Arif Butuc, Mayor of Mamushë/Mamuša
USAID/Democratic Effective Municipalities Program staff

For Immediate Release

Thursday, February 14, 2013
O'Hara, Victoria

New playgrounds, sidewalks, and street lights… these are a just a few of the projects that municipalities can implement to improve the lives of local residents. USAID and the Ministry of Local Government Administration recognized outstanding municipal performance at a February 14th event in Pristina at which incentive awards were presented to eight municipalities, following a competitive process.

The top awards were given to the municipality of Junik for the category of administrative services, Pejë/Peć for parks, squares and waste collection, and Mamushë/Mamuša for public lighting, streets and sidewalks. Each award was for $45,000. USAID sponsored six of the awards, and the Ministry sponsored two.

The awards provide seed money to jump-start promising municipal initiatives, but the competition for the awards inspires innovation, attention to performance and outcomes, and responsiveness to broader community concerns. The third and final round of awards was organized under the USAID Democratic Effective Municipalities Initiative, a program specifically designed to improve local governance as a key to building a united Kosovo.

At the awards event, Maureen A. Shauket, USAID/Kosovo Mission Director said, “Democracy is characterized by celebrating diversity and safeguarding equal rights and opportunities for all citizens - men and women of all backgrounds, ethnicities and sexual orientations.”

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