In mid-January, the United States—through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) —awarded an additional $3 million in urgent COVID-19 assistance for Kosovo.  This assistance will help strengthen the protection of vulnerable children who have been hit by the pandemic and ensure continuity in the provision of core social services.  The assistance will also improve outreach services within the primary health care system to promote vaccination and digitalize the COVID-19 case-management database to facilitate rapid information sharing among health institutions.  

“The United States is committed to partnering with Kosovo to end the COVID-19 pandemic and is especially focused on reducing its impacts on marginalized populations.  Combatting a global pandemic takes the commitment of each and every one of us - so do your part, wash your hands, wear a mask and get vaccinated” said Zeinah Salahi, USAID Kosovo Mission Director.

The $3 million in funding has been added to the Pandemic Response Activity implemented via UNICEF and builds on the previous $5.1 million in COVID-19 assistance that USAID has committed to Kosovo during the pandemic.  Since Kosovo confirmed its first case of COVID-19, USAID has worked with frontline workers and communities to slow the spread, care for the affected, and equip Kosovo with the tools needed to fight back against COVID-19.  USAID initially distributed 249 hygiene kits to health centers; 7,750 hygiene kits to families; and 2,400 hygiene kits to mothers and babies throughout all of Kosovo’s 38 municipalities.  As school started, USAID also donated hygiene kits to 660 primary and secondary schools.  The Pandemic Response Activity also works to enhance communication and outreach efforts for the country’s COVID-19 prevention and vaccination campaigns, strengthen the vaccine cold chain system, and operationalize temporary vaccination centers. 

The United States remains the largest bilateral donor to Kosovo’s health system to strengthen its COVID response.  At the start of the pandemic, the United States provided 50 brand-new ventilators as part of a support package that included the ventilators’ accompanying equipment, installation, warranties, service plans, and online webinars.  They also delivered laboratory testing equipment and thermal-scanners for placement at the border entries to Kosovo, including Pristina airport and four land border crossings.  More recently, USAID facilitated the delivery of 538,200 doses of Pfizer vaccine on behalf of the US Government. 


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 The United States Provides Additional $3 Million for Pandemic Response in Kosovo
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