Toward a people centered-justice approach

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Thursday, November 10, 2022
Justice explained through puzzle
USAID Justice Activity (Chemonics)

USAID is increasingly utilizing innovation to facilitate a people-centered approach, as a cornerstone for solving justice challenges and identifying new opportunities. As an example, on October 6 USAID hosted the first Kosovo Justice Innovation Summit, which served as the foundation for the launch of the Justice Innovation Network (JIN), designed to engage all citizens that use the justice system in finding new, more effective, and easier ways to solve old problems.

“Times change quickly, our delivery model and justice solutions have changed too. With information abundant, technology affordable, and creativity everywhere, there is no excuse to rely on systems to allow people or issues to fall through the cracks,” said Zeinah Salahi, Mission Director of USAID in Kosovo. 

The Summit also proved that art can play a role in presenting justice through a universal language that gives voice to individuals and communities. Young graffiti artists from Pristina exhibited an installation created in the form of seven giant puzzle pieces that represent the seven pillars of people-centered justice that USAID is currently promoting globally. Each puzzle installation now belongs to and is showcased in front of one of the seven Basic Courts of Kosovo and illustrates an inspiring story about people-centered justice accompanied by symbols of the city of the respective Basic Court.

“Using art is another way of giving voice to people in advancing the resolution of their everyday issues. We are honored to express our artistic vision of people-centered justice with our graffiti installations in hope of inspiring change and innovative solutions that positively impact the role of citizens in the justice sector,” said graffiti artist Bardhyl Dobroshi at the Summit.

The Justice Innovation Summit 2022 brought together more than 100 citizens, members of civil society, businesses, international donors, and justice system actors aiming to inspire greater innovation in the justice sector and to find a way to help put people and their needs at the center of justice solutions. USAID, through Justice Activity, supports innovation and applies a people-centered approach to justice.

Last updated: November 25, 2022

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