Partnerships with diaspora businesses boost exports of Kosovo company

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Sunday, July 10, 2022
USAID Kosovo team visits RroniFer
Nazmije Bajrami, USAID

Kosovo’s diaspora-owned businesses across Europe play a key support role in expanding and strengthening Kosovo’s private sector. In May, over 150 diaspora businesses traveled to Kosovo to meet local producers and develop business partnerships during the Diaspora Business Forum, co-organized by USAID Kosovo’s Compete Activity.

Among the local companies that diaspora businesses visited was the metal wire processor, Rronifer.  In 2017, USAID supported Rronifer to co-finance a new electrical transformer substation for the expansion of its wire rolling line. “This support was very crucial for our company at that time as we were financially limited and were not able to make that investment alone because we had to invest at the same time on production technology.” said Gent Lajqi, CEO of Rronifer. 

The USAID assistance enabled the company to double its capacity while reducing energy consumption, having a positive impact on Rfonier’s long-term sustainability. Since their founding in 2007, Rronifer has increased their production level five-fold and it is only continuing to expand. 

Diaspora-owned company MTI Bohr und Ramm Technik Gmbh (MTI) from Austria struck a partnership with Rronifer to sell their products in Austria a few years ago. When MTI visited Rronifer in May as part of the forum, it decided to offer Rronifer’s products to other companies throughout Austria, as well.  The companies signed a new partnership agreement giving MTI exclusive rights to sell Rfonifer’s products in the Austrian market.  

The diaspora forum in May was an important step to increase Rronifer’s access to new markets now that it has grown to produce the quality and volume that EU markets demand.  Thanks to MTI and other diaspora businesses,  Rronifer’s exports are expected to increase to €15M by the end of the year.

Through USAID support, Kosovo-based companies increase their competitiveness and create linkages between them and export buyers, stimulating enterprise growth, promoting job creation, and fostering greater market penetration.


Last updated: August 08, 2022

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