Improved taxpayer services strengthen voluntary tax compliance and increase domestic resource mobilization

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Thursday, September 8, 2022
Handling in person taxes at Tax Administration of Kosovo

The Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK) is taking proactive measures to respond to the growing demand for a customer-centric approach, beginning with more efficient and transparent digital services.

Earlier this year, more than 70 TAK employees from regional offices throughout Kosovo completed a Customer Service Training, supported by USAID's Economic Governance Activity.  The training enables employees to better identify taxpayer expectations, improve customer service practices, and ensure a consistent approach across seven regional TAK offices.

“After many years working in Taxpayer Service and Registration Department, this is the first time we're analyzing how we handle customers’ cases together, comparing them to one another, noting differences and similarities in all regions”, said Shukrije Hyseni, a call center officer at the Taxpayer Service and Registration Department in Pristina.

The program also included a 'Training of Trainers' component to support continuity of service and retention of the new knowledge. Employees learned how to replicate the customer service training themselves to deliver refresher trainings for existing employees.  

USAID also supported the development of four webinar-style training videos for TAK’s Customer Service Trainers to use in the future when delivering customer service training to TAK employees. USAID's Economic Governance Activity is supporting TAK to increase its efficiency and accountability by integrating e-solutions into its daily operations and setting a model for customer-driven service. 

Last updated: November 29, 2022

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