Showcasing success of young entrepreneurs

Grantee speaks about her success as a result of USAID's assistance
Vesa Gashi speaks about how much USAID's assistance has helped her success

USAID honors young entrepreneurs

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Friday, September 20, 2013
Xheraldina Cernobregu

An architect became a successful designer, a teacher started a chalk producing business have one thing in common – they are all USAID beneficiaries. The successes of these two and many others were part of showcasing success that honored 356 young entrepreneurs at a ceremony held on September 10, 2013. 

“As I look around the room I believe we are highly successful! It is obvious that you all worked very hard to come to this moment and it is a great pleasure to see the variety of enterprises represented here today. I look forward to hearing about how your creative ideas helped your businesses grow, “ said USAID Director Maureen A. Shauket at the ceremony.

Young men and women, of different ethnicities and different professions, 356 of them were participants of the USAID Young Entrepreneurs Program, which engaged young people who have completed entrepreneurship training and developed business plans or owned a newly established business. The entrepreneurs were assisted to refine their business plans, if necessary, and to ensure their fast track to success. The program also offered support to young people who needed business development assistance, including researching business opportunities, marketing, accountancy, and basic management. Once viable business plans were approved by the program and entrepreneurs identified their own resources of capital (i.e., loans, personal savings), the program provided matching grants. 

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