“Robokids” in the Mountains!

USAID provides opportunities for innovative technology
Student and the teacher test the designed robot

USAID provides opportunity for innovative technology

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Friday, August 16, 2013
Xheraldina Cernobregu

Robokids camp organized on July 7 - 11 brought together 36 students from 16 Kosovo schools that have introduced robotics activities into their curriculum. The camp was tailored specifically to strengthen robotics and computer control skills for students of grades seven to grade nine.

Six Kosovar instructors volunteered their time to provide further instruction to students, and helped construct different LEGO robot designs that are programmed to undertake a number of challenges. In the final day the students presented their work, thus demonstrating the skills learned during the week.

“It was an unforgettable experience. I’ve always been into computers and the reason why I love science is its applicability. What made this whole day even more enjoyable was building a robot on our own, where we were able to apply a part of our knowledge gained throughout the lessons. It was more than just putting pieces together, it allowed us to design and program robots all by ourselves” said Ahmet Nazifi, an 8th grade student from “Tefik Çanga” school in Ferizaj.

In addition to the robotics skills, the camp offered other activities such as a visit to the “Vita” milk processing factory where the production line is automated. The students also visited the robotics lab at the University of Business and Technology. The robotics summer camp attracted national media attention. KLAN Kosova TV and Radio Kosova, two major outlets visited the camp and prepared stories for their main evening news and a children’s radio show.

This is the second annual robotics summer camp organized by USAID’s Basic Education Program, which recently partnered with the IPKO Foundation for organizing the camp.

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