Helping Children in Need

Rehabilitation Center for people with disabilities functions properly thanks to USAID support
Children playing safely at the Handikos run Rehabilitation Center in North Mitrovica
USAID Community Action Initiative Program

Helping Children in Need

For Immediate Release

Friday, September 20, 2013
Xheraldina Cernobregu

Children with disabilities in the northern part of Kosovo have a better place to exercise and play as USAID invested in the reconstruction of their building. The Rehabilitation Center for people with disabilities located in the North Mitrovica is able to host and train 162 disabled persons of whom 59 are children.  

On September 12th, USAID/Kosovo Mission Director, Maureen A. Shauket, visited the north Mitrovica/ë based Rehabilitation Center for people with disabilities managed by Handikos and met with Mirjana Spirić, the head of this center, and its beneficiaries, to express her support for the center.

USAID through its Community Action Initiative Program (CAIP) helped rehabilitate the entire center which, as of 2010, had a problem with the roof leaking during bad weather conditions. “Each day, we have 25 to 30 children, aged 3-17, coming for treatments such as psychosocial treatment and physical rehabilitation, or simply to play with each other,” explained the head of the center, Mirjana Spiric, who is herself a wheelchair user, expressing her gratitude to the donor.

During her visit to this northern part of Kosovo, USAID the Mission Director also met with the participants of Women and Youth Entrepreneurship Program component of the USAIDs Community Action Initiative Program. The Women and Youth Entrepreneurship component aims to strengthen entrepreneurial knowledge and skills of women and youth, and provide assistance for business start-up. It consists of trainings and consultations, study visits, and grant program for winners of a business plan competition. 

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