Youth Leads in Kosovo

Friday, November 22, 2019
Administrator Mark Green at the YouthLeads Kosovo page event
Armend Nimani for USAID

Administrator Mark Green of the U.S. Agency for International Development addressed Kosovo youth gathered for the launch of Kosovo’s webpage on the YouthLead platform on November 12.  YouthLead is an online platform for young changemakers around the world that provides youth with opportunities to connect with like-minded networks of young people, mentors, resources, and events. Eight Kosovo youth have already enrolled as mentors in the platform and presented the volunteer work they do their schools and communities, such as youth clubs focusing on ICT, the environment, and career planning.   

Administrator Green learned about these efforts by visiting each of the presentation corners, while engaging with all eight mentors and the youth visiting the booth.  In total, over 160 youth attended the event, learning from these presentations and sharing ideas on how to leverage the YouthLead platform to exchange ideas and advocate for issues of importance.

“We are increasingly working to create jobs for young people.  Kosovo is a young country, not just in terms of its statehood or government, but demographics as well.  There are plenty of brilliant young people with big dreams and a lot of energy.  We are putting effort into working with the Government in finding ways to create employment opportunities for them, so they can channel their enthusiasm in the direction of building a future for themselves,” said Administrator Green at the event.  

Kosovo is the youngest European country, with over 40 percent of its citizens under the age of 25, and unemployment among the 15-25 age group close to 60 percent.  USAID considers youth as a vital population segment in all its programming.  This includes programs focusing on positive youth development and skills building, engaging youth in political processes and democracy-building activities, and increasing opportunities for youth employment and entrepreneurship.

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