Transformational Impact in the Private Sector through USAID EMPOWER

Thursday, February 6, 2020
Made in Kosovo house assembled within 24 hours and furnished with made in Kosovo products displayed at the close out event.
Ardian Kurtolli, USAIDKosovo

As Kosovo’s private sector was getting a boost from government reforms fostering a more transparent and predictable business-enabling environment, USAID EMPOWER’s approach to strengthening the private sector led to an additional 5,000 jobs in Kosovo. A skilled workforce is at the core of a strong private sector in any given country, Kosovo included. Over the course of five years, USAID’s EMPOWER Private Sector activity created 5,109 new jobs as a result of the comprehensive support given to businesses—product expansions, product-quality improvements, access to markets, and workforce development.

Over 1,870 new jobs were created for women, 1,532 for youth, and 496 for minorities. In addition to an increase in jobs, the EMPOWER activity facilitated $214 million in new sales, of which $101 million were in exports. Kosovo businesses adopted new technologies more than 950 times, contributing to product-quality improvements and product expansions.

USAID’s approach to the private sector and the work of Kosovo’s producers not only led to an increase in jobs and exports, but also elevated the Made in Kosovo brand worldwide. As USAID Mission Director Lisa Magno said in her remarks at the closing event, “the Made in Kosovo brand is becoming synonymous with consistency in quality.” The five-year USAID EMPOWER Private Sector activity partnered with Kosovo businesses to expand and improve their capacities for selling into identified demand opportunities, increasing exports, and obtaining in-demand market skills.

Last updated: October 23, 2020

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