Social Inclusion Event Showcases the Impact of Up to Youth

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Wednesday, September 8, 2021
Social Inclusion topic on Youth Week triggered a lively discussion
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On August 10, participants from USAID’s Up to Youth activity gathered for a hybrid event on social inclusion, as part of Kosovo’s month-long celebration of youth. This was the first in-person event since the start of the pandemic, and the excitement was palpable as youth panelists from the various cohorts across Kosovo joined together to organize the socially distanced event, which streamed live on social media. Under the banner of social inclusion, a diverse group of youngsters, many from marginalized communities, shared their personal experiences and thoughts on topics such as empowering young girls and inclusion of youth with disabilities.

As part of the panel on empowering young girls, Azize Curri shared her story of self-employment and credited Up to Youth for inspiring her to start her own business. Tamara Miletić and Loresa Sahiti joined her on the panel, facilitated by the Head of the Youth Advisory Board to Up to Youth, Desantila Muriqi. Loresa shared her story of finding the courage to speak publicly through Up to Youth’s activity. She attended 30 training sessions, and her favorites were body language and public speaking. “Without these trainings, I would never have had the courage to speak in front of you today,” shared Loresa with a large, in-person audience and many others watching virtually.

More than 300 youth from nine municipalities have participated in USAID’s Up to Youth activity, with the aim of motivating and mobilizing the youth to make positive changes in their communities.

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