Promoting Renewable Energy in Kosovo

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Monday, August 8, 2022
USAID Kosovo Mission Director Zeinah Salahi (far left) touring the booths at the Solar Forum
Nazmije Bajrami, USAID

Kosovo's green agenda goes beyond promoting climate-friendly practices; it is a plan that aims to grow the economy, strengthen energy security, mitigate climate change, and create local jobs in Kosovo. 

USAID supports the Government’s efforts to implement this green agenda in multiple ways.  First, USAID engages with institutions and businesses to promote renewable energy through policy reforms and events. Most recently, USAID co-hosted the Kosovo Solar Forum. Held on July 21st and 22nd, participants discussed investments into the “prosumer” (an entity that both produces and consumes electricity), self-consumption markets for small-scale solar power, and the upcoming solar auction, an open procurement process for large-scale solar projects in Kosovo.

Second, USAID works to accelerate solar power adoption in Kosovo. In collaboration with local experts and data scientists, USAID uses various assessments to identify opportunities for businesses across Kosovo to install rooftop solar panels.  The first assessment is an aerial solar assessment, which uses a combination of drone footage and spatial analysis to determine how much clean, renewable electricity each rooftop can supply. Then comes a feasibility study, which assesses relevant market conditions such as electricity prices, installation costs, and banking interest rates. The effort ends with a compelling analysis on becoming a solar self-consumer, and information on financing and installation options.

Through innovative initiatives like the rooftop solar assessment, USAID is helping to increase awareness of and build the enabling environment for climate-friendly, sustainable electricity generation across Kosovo. 

Last updated: September 23, 2022

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