Private sector leading the charge for a greener Kosovo  

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Friday, June 11, 2021
Processing waste plastic to produce recycled granulate

In recent years, Kosovo’s private sector has increasingly engaged in environmentally sustainable practices, joining the global movement toward a more ecological environment.  The Kosovo Green Festival, established by USAID in 2016, and now led by the private sector, has played a significant role in promoting green technologies and production of sustainable materials, whilst supporting green businesses to create market linkages and increase sales. 

The festival has become the biggest green energy event in the country, raising awareness and interest in recycling, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.  A surge of new companies established in Kosovo, supported by USAID, are engaging in activities that alleviate the country’s poignant waste problem and contribute to the circular economy. 

One of these companies is REKS.  Established in 2017 with a co-investment of Kosovo and Dutch investors, the company collects plastic waste and uses advanced technology and processes to produce recycled granulate, which is then used for the production of plastic products such as garbage bags.  The company plans to process up to 22,000 metric tons of plastic waste in Kosovo, which would make it one of the most significant providers of re-granulate in the EU and Western Balkan markets.  This is an opportunity for larger companies such as supermarket chains, to turn their plastic waste into usable products, such as recycled plastic bags, therefore reducing environmental damage.  REKS exports most of its recycled granulate to the Netherlands, North Macedonia, and Albania.  The company was supported by USAID to train new staff for its expansion.  It recently increased its staff by 126 percent to 170 employees.

The continued success and popularity of the Kosovo Green Festival, as well as the growing number of successful green businesses in Kosovo, exemplifies how the private sector is leading the charge for a greener Kosovo.  Not only are these emerging green companies protecting the environment, they are also strengthening the economy by creating hundreds of jobs and increasing exports.


Last updated: July 26, 2021

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