Private Sector Engagement with Kosovo Tax Administration Leads to Streamlined Financial Reporting

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Friday, March 5, 2021
Tax Administration of Kosovo team strives to improve its processes and some of them are included in the Integrity Improvement Plan
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According to Kosovo law, large commercial businesses are required to submit financial statements to the Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK) and Kosovo Council on Financial Reporting (KCFR).  During USAID-supported workshops with TAK leadership, private sector representatives identified the burden of separate, physical filings with multiple institutions as one of the many challenges Kosovo businesses face to remain compliant with tax legislation.  On January 25, 2021, TAK announced a new electronic service as part of their tax declaration platform, allowing Kosovo businesses to file their financial statements electronically and, most importantly, only in one place.

The private sector’s engagement with tax administration leadership resulted in TAK taking measures to streamline business financial reporting with electronic solutions.  Beginning with this tax season, TAK will automatically provide KCFR with all the financial statements declared electronically on its platform.  The innovative, digital solutions provided by TAK to address the concerns of businesses will reduce compliance burdens, improve government efficiency, and increase filing certainty.

USAID’s Economic Governance Activity helped TAK organize workshops with 150-200 private sector representatives and is continuing to assist TAK with incorporating the feedback received into reforms.  By creating a forum for private sector voices to be heard, TAK was able to receive actionable feedback that led directly to improved service delivery.  The success of these reforms is evidence that citizens— including the private sector—can influence policy, and ensure that institutions are responsive and accountable, by raising their voices and engaging directly with governmental institutions.

Last updated: April 12, 2021

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