New Voices - New Solutions

Friday, March 6, 2020
Image of the New Partnership Initiates processes

The New Partnership Initiative, part of an agency-wide Effective Partnering and Procurement Reform effort, is bringing new voices and, hopefully, new solutions to development challenges.  Local organizations have in-depth knowledge of the local context and fundamentally understand the challenges that can affect the development of new programs.  It is, therefore, essential to work with these organizations in building long-term local capacity, accountability, and sustainability. The end goal is a partner country that is self-reliant and able to plan, fund, and manage their development challenges through strengthened capacity and commitment.

USAID/Kosovo has engaged in media outreach efforts and discussion forums to promote this initiative.  In a recent interview for Radio Kosova, Ed Acevedo, Contracting Officer with USAID/Kosovo stated, "specifically in the case of Kosovo, we hope to see more local organizations able to solve development challenges. The initiative helps include new voices - and possibly new solutions - as we continue on Kosovo's Journey to Self-Reliance."  

Last updated: June 05, 2020

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