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Tuesday, July 21, 2020
TLP Alumni during one of their activities
USAID Transformational Leadership Program - Citizens Corps

USAID's Transformational Leadership Program (TLP) produced a cadre of leaders working as agents for positive change in Kosovo.  TLP scholarships were funded by the governments of Kosovo and the United States, providing educational opportunities for studies in the United States.  After their graduation and return, the TLP Citizens Corps placed 169 TLP graduates of master’s degree programs in the public, private, and civil society sectors to provide professional volunteer services throughout Kosovo. 

These TLP graduates completed a combined total of over 65,000 hours of volunteer work in various Kosovo institutions and organizations, creating partnerships with more than 180 partnering institutions.  They also established the TLP Alumni Association, gathering over 280 graduates of both master’s and professional certificate programs to continue the legacy.

The TLP alumni continue to volunteer by organizing activities in their diverse fields of expertise including governance and law; science and technology; economics and business; and education.  Through these volunteer efforts, the association has reached more than 500 youth, students, and professionals from various backgrounds and age groups at universities, organizations, and institutions.

"Grab the initiative, offer solutions, and most importantly take action -- together.  Continue to inspire volunteerism and civic engagement in the next generation of Kosovo’s youth.  You are the generation that will determine Kosovo’s future.  So ladies and gentlemen, go bravely into the next chapter of your journey and create the future you want for Kosovo,” said USAID Mission Director, Lisa Magno, in her inspiring remarks to the alumni at the virtual closeout event.  

Last updated: January 08, 2021

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