Kosovo Girls Aim for Public Office

Friday, November 22, 2019
Dea Rexha during the sessions

Dea Rexha’s desire to learn more about gender equality and women's rights led her to apply for the Kosovo School for Girls aiming Public Office.  The Kosovo School was a one-month mentoring scheme for young aspiring women, which connected young girls with women public servants.   The women in public office served as role models to encourage young aspiring women and girls to follow their dreams despite obstacles.

“I learned that every girl has the right to pursue civil service because nothing is inaccessible.  When your passion is accompanied by work, then one thing is certain—IT will achieve what you want,” said Dea, as she praised the opportunity to meet and listen to the women she referenced as her role models.  The school aimed to strengthen participants’ knowledge of their rights and competences while enabling them to connect with and benefit from the lecturers and participants.  Through the program, women lecturers emphasized that every girl can achieve and can make decisions on her own.

The school offered a unique experience where young girls with similar goals could meet, collaborate, exchange ideas, and mobilize to support each other.  The young girls understood that Kosovo society develops when girls are given equal opportunities, and when their role in society is equal to that of the opposite sex.

“Perhaps the only way to accomplish a goal is to learn and be informed about it, and then apply that knowledge in order to bring good to your community and society,” concluded Dea.

Kosovo School for Girls aiming for Public Office, which aimed for higher representation of women in public institutions, was part of a USAID-supported activity implemented by the Institute for Development Policies (INDEP) , a local non-governmental organization.

Last updated: June 19, 2020

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