Kosovo Continues with Reforms in Easing Business

Friday, November 22, 2019
Image of Doing Business Report 2019
World Bank

The World Bank, in the recently published Doing Business Report 2020, ranked Kosovo 57th with a 2.2 percent improvement toward international best practice (score).  The report recognized Kosovo for significant reforms in four specific areas—all areas where USAID has contributed with its partners.

The report noted that reforms in Kosovo resulted successfully in strengthened minority investor protections by requiring greater disclosure of transactions with interested parties, extending access to corporate information before trial, clarifying ownership and control structures, and requiring greater corporate transparency.  Kosovo also improved in construction permitting due to the elimination of the requirement for contractors to notify the municipal authority for the start of construction and to receive a location inspection.  Kosovo also showed improvements in the reliability of power supply by investing in grid infrastructure and by implementing a Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) automatic energy management system for outage monitoring and the restoration of service.  Kosovo saw additional improvements in contract enforcement from the introduction of a consolidated law on voluntary mediation.  In addition to these four areas, Kosovo also improved in Trading Across Borders due to the significant reductions in costs to export.  

The Doing Business Report measures the ease of doing business in 190 economies by looking at changes in regulations and their implementation across 10 areas of business activity.  According to the World Bank, Kosovo is among the top 20 most-improved economies in the world.  USAID, through activities in enabling business environment and commercial justice, has supported Kosovo in the implementation of the reforms needed to ease doing business in Kosovo.    


Last updated: July 24, 2020

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