Kosovo Celebrates 4th Annual Pride Week

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Friday, November 20, 2020
Image of the Rainbow flag
Nazmije Bajrami, USAID

Kosovo’s fourth annual Pride Week used an innovative parade of vehicles, in order to celebrate Pride Week while respecting measures for stopping the spread of COVID-19.  A caravan of 30 cars flying rainbow flags drove down Pristina’s streets on October 12, to raise awareness of the issues, challenges, and injustices faced by LGBTI persons in Kosovo.

Throughout the week, Kosovo civil society organizations and activists organized various activities, such as a youth-organized symbolic protest and crosswalk paintings, to show support for the LGBTI community and raise awareness on equal opportunities for all.  As part of Pride Week, USAID/Kosovo’s Democracy and Governance Office Director, Christina Davis, addressed the Kosovo public on October 13 in a video message launching an online platform that connects LGBTI persons with legal aid.  USAID’s local partner from the Justice Matters activity initiated the platform in cooperation with the Free Legal Aid Agency, ensuring access to justice regardless of a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity. 

USAID’s Engagement for Equity partners organized the first Pride Week celebration in 2017.  This year marks the fourth year that Kosovo civil society organizations are organizing Pride Week, and most importantly, this year’s event was Kosovo-owned.  After the catalyst of USAID’s support the first year, Kosovo’s civil society organizations are self-organizing Pride Week and showing commitment for continuing the tradition of celebrating equality for all into the future.

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