Justice for Vulnerable Groups and Communities Matter

Friday, March 6, 2020
Image of the Community Mapping Poster

Over 90 percent of the users of free legal aid in Kosovo are satisfied with the services they receive, according to the USAID-funded Mapping of Community Justice Needs report.  However, despite free legal aid being a constitutional guarantee, Kosovo citizens still struggle to access justice.  To help Kosovo’s legal system prioritize resources and tailor services, the USAID Justice Matters activity, in December 2019, presented the second iteration of the report, which identifies the most pressing legal aid needs of Kosovo’s citizens.

According to the 2019 Mapping, the most pressing needs for legal aid exist in social welfare, domestic violence, theft, labor, and property disputes.  The communities identified as most in need of legal information in Kosovo are women and Ashkali and Roma communities.  The needs of these communities as presented in the report highlight the opportunities for Kosovo legal institutions to better serve its citizens through improved access to justice for the most vulnerable communities.  By focusing on expanding access to legal aid information, improving the quality of legal representation, and increasing the trust in legal aid and justice sector institutions, the USAID Justice Matters activity aims to reduce the disillusionment of justice seekers and bridge the gap for legal representation among Kosovo’s most vulnerable groups and communities. 

Last updated: June 05, 2020

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