Improving Local Capacities to Monitor Procurement Processes

Thursday, February 6, 2020
Arbenita Topalli, INPO presents the findings of public procurement monitoring
Hanife Limani, DAI for USAIDKosovo

Local civil society organizations, equipped with tools learned through a USAID-funded program, conducted independent monitoring of a recent municipal procurement to construct a school sports hall in the village of Gacke, Ferizaj, shedding light on many irregularities. The monitoring helped raise awareness and identify lessons learned for more effective procurement in the future. While many local civil society organizations are not able to carry out thorough procurement monitoring due to a lack of skills, capacities, and funding. USAID is working to equip local-level civil society organizations with the practical skills needed, to change this reality.

By using real, ongoing municipal procurement activities, the local organizations have become more skilled in monitoring local procurement, reporting the findings, and increasing the interest and attention of citizens and media. Arbenita Topalli from Iniciativa për Progres (Initiative for Progress) and Qendrim Hoxha, CEO of Leadership Development Association Kosovo, both based in Ferizaj, were among the civil society organizations that participated in the program.

Learning how to carry out field monitoring, how to write an evidence-based report, and how to communicate the findings were among the skills taught and put into practice during the training. “We gained practical skills and knowledge through learning by doing. We are using these skills to hold municipalities accountable and to demand transparency,” said Ms. Topalli in a press conference where they presented their findings of the procurement monitoring.

Last updated: March 06, 2020

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