Fostering the Next Generation of Civic Activists through Youth Democracy Camp

Monday, September 30, 2019
Youth build a team spirit
NDI Kosovo

Kosovo’s youth have great potential to serve as agents of change in shaping a multi-ethnic society in Kosovo.  Engaging young women and men in civic activism, and enabling them to meaningfully participate in decision-making processes and shape policies is at the core of ensuring good governance.

The USAID-funded three-day Youth Democracy Camp held in mid-September by the National Democratic Institute (NDI) provided a venue that fostered citizens’ engagement and built a strong network of 34 young emerging civic activists.  The camp gave the young activists better access to factual information, and increased inter-ethnic collaboration and understanding among the participants.

The participants learned about a number of topics ranging from art and ecology, to the importance of civic education, to debating skills, and media literacy.  Sessions such as media literacy introduced key contemporary (mis)communication issues, and participants learned how to scrutinize manipulation of the media.  After attendance in the sessions, the youth expressed new-found abilities to better articulate their thoughts and responses when exposed to fake news, disinformation, propaganda, and manipulation through media.

“It was amazing!  Fix your community and media literacy were my favorite sessions.  Through the session on civic education, I believe that I can positively contribute to my community and make a difference—making sure that I check the facts,” said a participant from Prizren.

The camp offered an open and safe platform for all participants to interact and learn from each other.  Moreover, participants conveyed to the organizers the importance of getting exposure outside of their local communities and expressed the desire to continue further engaging in similar undertakings.

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