Easier parking facilitates employment for people with disabilities

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Thursday, October 7, 2021
Zenun Zeneli from Kacanik can easily access his work place now
Handikos Kacanik for USAIDKosovo

Zenun Zeneli has been working for the Water Supply Company in Kaçanik for several years.  He is among eight people with disabilities employed out of 396 currently living in Kacanik municipality. Despite their desire to have a steady job, earn a livelihood, and live independently, employment for people with disabilities (PWDs) comes with additional challenges, which include physically getting to the workplace.  According to Zenel, it was only recently that the municipality of Kaçanik reserved parking places for people with disabilities, and as a driver, this has made his life much easier.  

Recent research conducted by Handikos  - Kacanik, a local non-governmental organization supported by USAID’s Community Collaboration Activity, revealed that PWDs in the municipalities of Kaçanik and Hani i Elezit, continue to face challenges to physically access basic public amenities, including the employment agency offices - where there are missing or inadequate ramps and elevators, broken or blocked pavement, and no parking places reserved for passengers with special needs. 

Following the publication of the findings, Handikos -Kacanik embarked on a public campaign to raise awareness about the dire state of PWD unemployment and infrastructural limitations, and to call upon institutions to respect the laws that facilitate employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Consequently, the municipalities of Hani i Elezit and Kaçanik have already pledged to allocate public parking places, so people like Zenel in this municipality will have easier physical access inside the city. 

USAID’s Community Collaboration Activity promotes local governments’ accountability and facilitates social cohesion by bringing together the government, civil society, and citizens of all identity groups to prioritize and address community needs.

Last updated: October 08, 2021

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