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Thursday, November 18, 2021
Only 3 percent of women farmers in Pristina, capital of Kosovo have registered property in their name
EkoKos for USAID Kosovo

Women farmers in Kosovo face a myriad of barriers to success, starting with property rights. Only 3 percent of women farmers in the municipality of Pristina have their land registered in their name according to a recent USAID-supported survey implemented by EkoKos Women (EKW), an organization which advocates for women’s rights and more favorable agricultural policies for women farmers.   

To help overcome these systemic inequalities in the agricultural sector, EKW helped to establish the Women’s Lobby, co-led by two Kosovan-Albanian and one Kosovan-Serb woman. The Women’s Lobby met with representatives of the Pristina municipality to find ways to work together to reverse this troubling trend, and quickly achieved tangible progress . As a result of this engagement, municipal officials introduced a preference for women applicants and farmers from marginalized groups within the criteria for agricultural subsidies. Importantly, applications from women farmers for agricultural subsidies now receive an extra 5 points during the evaluation, raising women farmers’ application scores, efficiently operationalizing the municipality's stated commitment to promoting equality.  As a result, the number of women farmers applying for municipal agricultural subsidies and grants increased by 20 percent while the number of women beneficiaries has increased by 40 percent across the following three sectors: agricultural machinery, beekeeping, and poultry sector, compared to the situation before additional points were introduced.

EKW and the Women’s Lobby plan to continue their joint efforts. Following their success with agricultural subsidies, the Women’s Lobby prepared and submitted a list of proposals regarding agricultural policies to the municipality of Prishtina’s Directorate of Agriculture for inclusion in the municipal 10-year Development Plan. EKW and the Women’s Lobby members will monitor these proposals as they are considered and potentially implemented by the municipality. 

EkoKos Women is a sub-grantee of USAIDs' Community Collaboration Activity which promotes local governments’ accountability and greater social cohesion by bringing together the government, civil society, and citizens to prioritize and address community needs.  

Last updated: November 19, 2021

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