Public Pulse III

Public Pulse
Public Pulse Launch event
Nazmije Bajrami, USAID

The three year Public Pulse III project is a continuation of Public Pulse I and II (initially launched jointly with UNDP in 2010). This project will continue the work on research and analysis of pertinent issues as a watchdog that will constructively engage the Government of Kosovo and public institutions in research.

The project is aiming to increase capacities for utilization of data and research methodologies for addressing problems and issues, as well as to assure stability and facilitate dialogue between institutions and citizens. By using evidence of citizen perceptions (gathered through biannual public opinion survey) on current issues, government entities at all levels become more accountable to constituents. 


Public Pulse Reports -
These brief reports are prepared based on biannual opinion poll survey data.

Public Pulse Data Visualization Platform 

A Pulse Data Visualization Platform will be created to maximize the usage of past, current, and future data gathered through surveys, increase citizen engagement in policymaking at the central and local level, and enhance accountability and transparency. The platform will offer a user-friendly interface which allows all interested to make use of the data gathered through Public Pulse surveys.

Public Pulse Analysis

These research products will be prepared in cooperation with selected local expert and will utilize findings from: targeted surveys, opinion poll data, focus groups in-depth interviews, and materials from third sources. The Analysis will be based on in-depth research of a pertinent issue relevant for the period when the research is conducted. The main criteria for the selection of the topic for Public Pulse Analysis will be the public debate and the most pressing issues faced by Kosovo's society and institutions at a particular point in time.


  • Continuous institutional trends analysis
  • Increased interest and responsiveness of governmental and public institutions in addressing public perception
  • Six Public Pulse Reports
  • Public Pulse Data Visualization Platform
  • Three Public Pulse Analysis


Project Duration:   June  2017 – June 2020

Partner:                      United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 

Contact:                     Arbër Gorani


Last updated: October 15, 2018

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