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Commercial Justice Activity [Checchi and Co. Consulting, Inc.]

Commercial Justice Activity is a five-year activity program aiming to reduce opportunities for corruption and improve businesses’ and the public’s perception of corruption by improving commercial dispute resolution, strengthening enforcement of judgments, and fostering an understanding of the processes that promote investment and economic growth in Kosovo. The activity aims to:

The program supports significant reform of court-based litigation processes through promoting structural reform of the courts that handle commercial cases and through training of the judges and court staff that manage the cases in the courts.  To improve the integrity of the judgment enforcement process, the program will help strengthen governance, capacity, and professionalism within the private-enforcement agent system.  Activities under this objective also work to address the strong perceptions among businesses of corruption in commercial justice institutions.

ENHANCE COMMERCIAL LAW, USE OF ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE MECHANISMS, AND IMPROVE PUBLIC’S AWARENESS AND LEGAL LITERACY                                                                                                      
The Program supports more systematic and effective coordination among Kosovo’s commercial justice institutions while promoting greater reliance on alternative dispute resolution (ADR).  Our team supports clarification and harmonization of the broad, sometimes conflicting, range of laws that apply to businesses.  The program will expand public awareness of commercial dispute resolution and enforcement mechanisms by engaging in an extensive campaign of outreach and information sharing on commercial justice.

The Program supports improved communication among commercial justice institutions to better align these institutions with a shared vision of their respective roles and responsibilities.  It also seeks to build communication and public relations capacity of these institutions to the general public and support capacity for better advocacy on legislative and regulatory initiatives.

the program’s interventions and information gathering is inclusive, designed to address issues that affect gender balance and youth, as well as speak to Kosovo’s broad range of non-majority populations.  The program will harness the power of youth through piloting a next-generation internship activity—the Commercial Justice Academy initiative—as well as through outreach and awareness messaging targeted toward youth.  The internship activity is implemented for the entire program duration, aiming to improve commercial law expertise and providing opportunities to gain experience that will make law, economic, and business students more attractive to prospective employers.

Key Expected Results 

  • Strengthened processes and quality in commercial litigation, reducing opportunities for corruption and contributing to greater investor trust and confidence;
  • Greater accountability, transparency, professionalism, and responsiveness of the private enforcement profession to business and society’s needs;
  • Increased knowledge and effective application of commercial law by judges, court staff, and other stakeholders;
  • Increased use of Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms, helping to reduce burdens on Kosovo’s court system;
  • Improved perception of corruption and satisfaction of businesses with commercial dispute resolution improved;
  • Commercial legislation harmonized with European Union (EU) and international best practices; and
  • Improved strategic communication among commercial justice institutions, leading to greater awareness and understanding of the importance of commercial justice.


Project Duration:  February 2019 – February 2024        

Partner:                    Checchi and Co. Consulting, Inc.                                     

Contact:                   Jeton Cana

Last updated: October 25, 2019

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