After School Support for Teens

ICT inspires teaching and learning of  21st century skills in Kosovo.
ICT inspires teaching and learning of 21st century skills in Kosovo.
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Preparing Kosovo Youth for 21st Century Life and Work.  After School Support for Teens Program is a five-year program to develop employability and entrepreneurial skills in Kosovo’s youth and a positive attitude for their future. The Program has three main components:


The program supports the implementation of Kosovo’s Curriculum Framework and Core Curriculum for Grades 10 – 11 by assisting schools in the curriculum area of Life and Work.  This includes careers education, the use of technology, workforce skills, and entrepreneurship.  This activity also helps schools implement the practical project activities called for by the new curriculum by providing modern technology; training and mentoring teachers; and by establishing Career and Enterprise Hubs in partner schools.


Careers and Enterprise Hubs are classroom spaces transformed with parental and community support into modern facilities that mirror 21st Century workspaces. They have several functions including Career Corners, designated spaces containing information, computer access to online portals; Makerspaces, a workspace equipped with modern technology where students can participate, during and after school hours, in practical creative projects related to science, technology, and arts; Resource Center, a storage area for modern technology that facilitates practical project-based learning, aimed at developing workplace related skills in all curriculum subjects and provides teachers with access to scientific equipment, such as microscopes, sensors and probes, and technology such as video cameras; and lastly Presentation Facilities, spaces with a wall-mounted television for presentations and tablet computers on which teachers and students can prepare presentations before displaying them wirelessly on the television.

Supporting careers and entrepreneurial education

The program assists the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) in implementing its careers system and developing entrepreneurship skills by:

  • Establishing careers corners in partner schools, as described;
  • Enhancing the MEST’s careers portal with video materials and other content; and
  • Developing an accredited professional development course in career education for teachers.

Connecting schools with employers and the community

The program helps schools identify businesses interested in supporting the development of workforce-related skills in young people through Community YouthMapping@ , a patented online resource that enables young people to conduct community based surveys, analyze the results, and prepare reports.  USAID trains teachers and NGOs to use this tool, providing them with the skills to become change agents change and productive contributors within their communities, and Connecting to Local Business whereas schools are connected to local businesses to provide work experience for high school students.

Expected RESULTS

  • Agreements reached with nine municipalities and nine schools, including Pristina, Gjakova, Kamenica, Gjilan, Viti, Hani i Elezit, Vushtrri, Fushë Kosovo and Ferizaj. Selection of seven new municipalities and seven schools in underway. Makerspaces will operate in these schools.
  • Training modules are developed and teachers being trained.
    Trained teachers implement new methods by engaging students in project-based learning activities.
  • Student technician club and student career club created in two partner schools.
  • Students gaining knowledge and support in establishing enterprises.
  • Students getting career guidance through in class activities and work practice opportunities.


Project Duration:     June 2017 – June 2022

Partner:                        Kosova Education Center (KEC)

Contact:                       Antigona Mustafa

Last updated: January 28, 2019

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