EMPOWER - Private Sector Support

EMPOWER - Private Sector Support
Supporting local innovative businesses that are looking to find new markets, and contribute to Kosovo’s economic growth.
EMPOWER Private Sector [ Cardno]

USAID EMPOWER Private Sector project in partnership with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, has worked since July 2014 to stimulate large-scale job creation by elevating the competitiveness of Kosovo firms in the growth-ready sectors of apparel, wood processing, ICT (information and communications technology), renewable energy, outdoor tourism, and other promising sectors. 


The project works closely with producers and service providers with the potential to serve a larger market. Support includes: expanding buyer connections and creating new market linkages, increasing and improving production, addressing skills needs through specific training and internship programs, and facilitating finance.

To address high levels of unemployment and to enhance a social inclusion agenda in the private sector, program support targets four priority populations: women, youth, ethnic minorities, and other vulnerable groups to address high levels of unemployment.

The program supports a broad range of interventions that have a high job-creation impact. To date, the project has created over 3,240 new jobs across Kosovo, with plans to create a total of 5,000 new jobs by January 2020.


  • Total activities signed: 238

  • Grant agreements signed: 105

  • Total value of grants given: $3.57 million

  • Current new jobs created: 4,066, of which 1,422 for women and 1,217 for youth

  • Number of trainees: 3,017, of which 1,464 are women and 1,725 are youth

  • Number of internship participants: 2096

  • Trade fair participation results: $17.8 million generated in direct sales

  • Funds leveraged from beneficiaries: $15.85 million

  • Funds leveraged from other donors $1.77 million (leverage ratio 5.4x).

  • Number of beneficiaries adopting new technologies: 90

  • Number of beneficiaries transitioning in size: 36, of which 19 from micro to small, 13 from small to medium, and 4 from medium to large.


Project Duration:        July 2014 - January 2020

Partner:                           Cardno 

Contact:                           Flora Arifi

Last updated: February 08, 2019

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