Remarks by Tina Dooley-Jones Deputy Mission Director, USAID Kenya, at a Kenya School of Government Energy Training Course

Monday, April 28, 2014

First, I want to congratulate Dr. Ludeki Chweya on his recent appointment as Director General of the Kenya School of Government.

Last year, the Kenya School of Government and USAID partnered to bring a program on Investment Appraisal that received a strong support and commitment from Ministry of Devolution and Planning, Ministry of Finance, Treasury, and other key Government of Kenya entities.

This year we were glad that USAID could partner again with the Kenya School of Government in delivering the course “Public Private Partnership in the Energy Sector; Regulatory, Financial and Economic Considerations” in these excellent facilities and with a highly professional staff managing all the logistics.

Each of you, and the organization you represent, has made a big investment in dedicating four weeks to this course.  The energy sector is a key sector in Kenya and in the region, and it is deemed important for attaining Kenya’s Vision 2030. 

USAID and the U.S. Government are committed to supporting development in the power sector, particularly since President Obama launched the Power Africa Initiative last year, for which Kenya is a partner country. 

The delivery of this training has been a success with the support of the Kenya School of Government, the support and leadership of the Government of Kenya entities you represent; the Power Africa team, USAID Washington Economic Growth, Education and Environment team, and USAID/Kenya.  The faculty members from Queens University and Cambridge Resources International Inc. led by Dr. Jenkins have extensive expertise in the area of investment appraisal and structuring of Public Private Partnerships and analyzing electricity regulatory issues. We are glad to work with them once more.

This is an investment that can pay great dividends to the people of Kenya.  The public investments deserve rigorous analysis before hard-earned revenues are committed.

Congratulations to you for completing the program! 

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Kenya School of Government, Nairobi, Kenya
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