Yes Youth Can Nyanza

What is Yes Youth Can Nyanza?  

Yes Youth Can Nyanza helps Kenyans age 18 – 35 increase awareness and respect for youth-related interests in local and national policy dialogue.  It engages youth in inter-ethnic, inter-group peace building and conflict mitigation activities in Nyanza, and to enhances livelihood opportunities and access to youth-friendly services in Nyanza.Yes Youth Can Nyanza is a youth empowerment program promoting peaceful coexistence and new livelihood opportunities for youth in Nyanza. It is part of a national program that has mobilized youth to form bunges, or parliaments, at the village, county, and national levels. 

Where does Yes Youth Can Nyanza work?

It works in all the six counties in Nyanza region: Migori, Kisii, Nyamira, Homabay, Kisumu, and Siaya.

Who implements Yes Youth Can Nyanza?

World Vision Kenya

Project Duration and Budget

May 2011- May 2014
$2,497,928 million

What does Yes Youth Can Nyanza do?                          

Yes Youth Can Nyanza strengthens the capacities of youth to govern their own programs, and to constructively engage with other actors in governance.  The program has mobilized youth to form local bunges, or parliaments.  The youth elect their own leaders annually, develop by-laws, register with the Government of Kenya, open a bank account, and hold membership meetings to determine priorities and to implement programs.  The project empowers youth to take charge in all aspects of their activities.

Local bunges elect leaders to six County Youth Bunge Forums, which in turn, have send one male and one female representative from each county to serve on the National Youth Bunge Association board.

How is Yes Youth Can Nyanza making a difference?

The project has mobilized the youth in the region to engage in positive activities such as community service or micro-enterprise.  By helping youth organize and obtain official status as Self-Help Groups or Civil Society Organizations, the project has helped bridge the gap between youth and the Government of Kenya.  Government programs are able to offer grants and training to registered bunges. 

County Youth Bunge Forums, in partnership with the Ministry of Cooperatives, have launched youth savings and credit associations, known as SACCOs.  These youth-led SACCOs offer a safe place for youth to save money, as well as being a source of credit for youth-run micro-enterprises.

Bunge members participated in the national “My ID, My Life” campaign, to help more than 500,000 youth obtain a national identification card in time to register to vote in the March 2013 general elections.  ID cards are also required for opening a bank account or holding a job in the formal economy.

What key challenges does Yes Youth Can Nyanza face?

One of the key challenges the project faces is that of very high expectations among the youth.  A small grants program required time to become operational in order that youth leaders be given the training they required to effectively manage the grant portfolio.

For more information

Christine Pagen, Acting Director
Office of Education and Youth
Tel:  +254 20 862 2755

Rosemary Wanjala
Office of Education and Youth
Tel:  +254 20 862 2000

Joan Wangusi
Communications Officer, World Vision Kenya
Yes Youth Can Nyanza


Updated March 2013

Last updated: August 21, 2013

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