Yes Youth Can North Eastern Province

Funding Level:
$10.9 million

October 2008 – October 2015

Activity Goals:

  • Empower youth to expand their economic opportunities and contribute to their communities
  • Encourage youth leadership and a youth voice in local and national policy dialogue
  • Increase youth participation in local development and peace initiatives

Activity Accomplishments:

  • 13,722 attended events designed to strengthen understanding and promote conflict mitigation between groups in northeastern Kenya
  • 436 bunges formed
  • 11,798 participated in training or activities designed to build mass support for peace and reconciliation
  • 222,457 youth reached through the project’s youth radio broadcasts

Implementing Partner:
Education Development Center

Key Partners:
Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development, Ministry of Planning and Devolution, Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government

Activity Location:
Garissa, Mandera, and Wajir Counties

Yes Youth Can is a national activity that has empowered 1,000,000 Kenyan youth to expand their economic opportunities, contribute to their communities and become responsible members of society.

The primary objective of Yes Youth Can North Eastern Region activity is to counter violent extremism by specifically addressing the pull and push factors that make youth of northeastern Kenya more vulnerable to recruitment into extremist militant groups and susceptible to extremist propaganda. Through youth empowerment and the provision of positive alternatives to those youth most at risk of recruitment, Yes Youth Can North Eastern Region reduces radicalization and increases social stability.

Through Yes Youth Can, young people in northeastern Kenya organize themselves in youth-run and youth-led bunges (“parliaments” in Kiswahili), in which members democratically elect their own leaders at the village, county, and national level.

The bunges provide a structure and a forum for young women and men to take action to improve their own lives and those of their neighbors, develop new leadership skills, promote transparent decision-making about their priorities, and empower themselves to be positive forces for change in their communities.   

Yes Youth Can North Eastern Region prepares youth to play an active, peaceful, and positive role in their communities by creating economic and social enterprises and facilitating conflict mitigation activities.  It promotes a youth voice in local and national policy dialogue and participation in inter-ethnic coalitions, particularly toward mass support for peace and reconciliation. It also helps youth stay in school through secondary and higher education scholarship provision, which in turn, gives them greater access to employment.

The activity encourages village bunge representatives to participate in USAID and partner education and awareness training in civics, gender-based violence, media engagement, financial literacy and book keeping, among others.

The activity also engages women and girls in capacity building efforts to promote equal access to leadership opportunities and improve their socio-economic status.

Yes Youth Can North Eastern Region Opens Doors for Careers in Radio

Yes Youth Can North Eastern Region offers radio training to help youth determine if they would like to pursue a career in journalism.  As part of the training, youth learn to develop radio content and lead a live radio broadcast. The youth radio program educates youth on the dangers of violent extremism, crime and drugs. It also encourages youth to engage with their communities in a positive manner.

One participant, Abdiaziz Ali, describes the radio opportunity as a “God sent!” “The radio program has given us a platform to express our skills and help our communities by educating them, informing them and entertaining them while producing radio content that benefits our youth and which brings change within our people.”

Today, Abdiaziz Ali is the Radio Programs Manager for Dadaab FM, a humanitarian radio in the refugee camp.

USAID Contacts:
Robert (Wick) Powers, Director
Office of Education and Youth, USAID/Kenya
Tel:  +254 20 862 2000

Lucy Kithome
Activity Manager, USAID Kenya
Education and Youth Office
Tel: +254 20 862 2000

Yes Youth Can North Eastern Region Contact:
Amina Issa
Chief of Party, Education Development Center
Tel: +254 721 717890


Updated September 2014

Last updated: October 21, 2014

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