Laikipia is one of the most important wildlife regions in Kenya. Across this rangeland plateau fringed by highland forests, a mosaic of private and community conservancies collectively manages 3500 square kilometers of wildlife habitat, sustaining globally significant biodiversity while supporting pastoral and commercial cattle enterprises.

Conservancies not only support abundant wildlife populations, but also act as institutional structures through which people can better manage, govern, and benefit from natural resources. Laikipia faces large-scale issues such as climate change, habitat conversion (for agriculture and development) and land degradation. These increase vulnerability and competition for range and water resources, which increases conflict across the region.

Strengthening and promoting collaboration among Laikipia’s conservancies, has the potential to foster improved resource management, build trust and dialogue, and align conservation around a common vision. The Laikipia Conservancies Association (LCA) comprises 22 conservancies and provides a platform to build dialogue and trust among conservancies and provides leadership and technical support to strengthen resource management capacity.