Rap for Peace

What is #16BarsforPeace?

#16BarsforPeace is a hip-hop contest created by rapper King Kaka and USAID to celebrate International Peace Day on September 21. With so much going on in the world like COVID-19 and the everyday struggles you face, it’s time you get the mic to share what’s on your heart and mind. You decide what peace means to you…it could be peace in your home, peace of mind, or peace in your family or community.

How can I enter?

  1. Jump off. The contest starts on International Peace Day, Monday, September 21
  2. Follow @USAIDKenya and @RabbittheKing on Facebook and Twitter to get the link to the free exclusive beat and get more info. 
  3. Download the free exclusive beat.
  4. Write your lyrics on peace. 
  5. Record a simple video with your phone performing your original rap on peace (one verse only) over the #16BarsforPeace beat.
  6. Upload your video on your personal Facebook and Twitter page using the hashtag #16BarsforPeace.
  7. Elevate. We will pick the hottest videos and share on our social media pages.

What can I win?

Life these days can be heavy, we want to give you some prizes to help lighten the load.  

  • 1st prize. KES 35,000 + feature on the #16BarsforPeace anthem produced by Kaka Empire, radio play and interview + cool merchandise.*
  • 2nd prize. KES 25,000 + one hour, one-on-one virtual Hip-Hop/business mentorship session with King Kaka and management team + cool merchandise
  • 3rd prize. KES 10,000 + cool merchandise
  • Selected winners will receive #16BarsforPeace T-shirt or hoodie

How long is the contest open?

You can submit your videos from Monday, September 21 - Friday, October 9th. Winners will be announced the week of October 26, 2020.

How will the videos be used? 

Remember, by submitting your rap, you agree to let us share it on our social media handles to our millions of followers. Other terms and conditions apply, follow @USAIDKenya and @RabbittheKing on Facebook and Twitter for more information. 

Who is eligible to win?

You don’t need to be a MC to have skills. This contest is open to anyone. But only Kenyan citizens up to 35 years old are eligible to win.  If you are under 18 years old, get your parents or guardians permission. 

Contestants will be judged on the content of their lyrics related to peace, originality and delivery. You will not be judged on the quality of your video. Using a smartphone should be more than enough. As long as the audio is clear (limit background noises) and we can get a good feel for your aesthetic, substance and talent, we’re good.

To be considered, make sure your rap:

  • is clean with no foul, sexual, violent, negative ethnic or political lyrics.
  • is original and written by you for the purposes of this competition
  • is in English, Kiswahili or Sheng.
  • mentions “peace” and what it means to you. 
  • uses the free exclusive beat that will be shared on @USAIDKenya and @RabbittheKing on Facebook and Twitter 

How will contestants be judged? 

There will be four main judges including King Kaka and a representative from his company, Kaka Empire and two representatives from the U.S. government. 


  1. How can I see who else participated? Follow the hashtag #16BarsforPeace to see who else participated. 
  2. Are we able to apply as a group / duo? Unfortunately, we will only consider individual submissions.

  3. What if I am not 18 yet? We want to hear your voice, even if you are not of legal age. Just make sure to get your parents’ permission to enter the contest and upload your video.

This contest is purely for the purpose of promoting the International Day of Peace and is not in connection with any trade or business or the sale of any article, goods or services to the public. 

*First prize winner will split copyright clearances, image rights, performance releases and publishing rights with Kaka Empire and grant non-exclusive licensing rights to USAID implementing partner, Management Systems International.

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Thursday, September 3, 2020 - 7:45am

Last updated: September 21, 2020