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Country Development Cooperation Strategy

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USAID/Kenya and East Africa implements two programs each with a distinct strategy, one for its bilateral efforts with Kenya and the other for its regional efforts. This Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) reflects USAID/KEA’s bilateral programs with Kenya.

In Kenya, USAID’s 2025 goal is that Kenya’s competitive private sector, resilient communities and civil society organizations, and citizen-responsive public sector better collaborate to drive inclusive growth and well-being for Kenya’s self-reliance.

In partnering with Kenyan people, institutions, and organizations, the Mission expects that public leaders and key institutions will utilize resources transparently, local institutions will drive locally-led development priorities, and citizens will actively expose corruption wherever it is found. This strategy differs from the past. The Mission must move beyond transactional partnership models, technical silos, and a donor-led approach. For those local actors and institutions to achieve inclusive growth and long-term sustained well-being outcomes they must do so through their own self-reliance.

Last updated: February 16, 2022

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