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  • Caption: USAID programs help women start their own businesses. Credit: USAID

  • USAID supports a program that brings dairy farmers to the United States to learn about artificial insemination, milking equipment, and cattle feed—all things that help strengthen the productivity of the dairy industry in Kazakhstan. Credit: USAID

  • Students and teachers use interactive tools in the Know About Business course, which is supported by USAID through a partnership with Baker Hughes and Chevron.

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  • USAID-supported outreach workers engage in a soccer game with people living with HIV. Outreach programs are encouraging people to seek quality health care.Credit: Dialogue Project

  • USAID Empowerment Now Program organized clean up day in Almaty. Credit: ARGO

  • USAID sponsors the development of local crafts in Kazakhstan. This local craft event resulted in more than $100,000 in sales.

  • USAID helps NGO UMAI in Kyzylorda, which provides shelter to children and trains volunteers to assist families who have children with disabilities. Volunteers explain to parents how to provide first aid to their children and instill in them social skills.

Farmers at a demonstration plot in Kostanay
Kazakh Farmers Adapt to Climate Change
Tsesna Astyk’s production facility
Kazakhstani Flour Business Flourishes Following Upgrades
Kazakhstan entrepreneurs
Bridging Civil Society, Business and Government in Kazakhstan

About Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has enjoyed steady growth over the past decade, largely fueled by the development of its oil and gas resources. In spite of this growth, Kazakhstan continues to face a number of development challenges that constrain progress. The United States partners with Kazakhstan to support the country’s emergence as a regional leader, contributing to peace and prosperity within the region and beyond.

USAID partners with the government, private sector and people of Kazakhstan to enhance economic diversification, encourage further democratic reforms, improve health services, prevent tuberculosis and HIV, and reduce carbon emissions. As part of the USAID Mission to Central Asia, USAID in Kazakhstan participates in a range of regional programming, including the U.S. Government’s New Silk Road initiative, which increases regional connections between the economies and peoples of South and Central Asia—including Afghanistan—to foster greater stability and prosperity across the region. 

Last updated: April 16, 2016

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