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პარასკევი, 23 სექტემბერი, 2022

Liz Schrayer, President & CEO, U.S. Global Leadership Coalition: Earlier this year, you said we may look back at 2022 as the year that broke the humanitarian system as we know it. I'd love to spend a whole day hearing all about it, but I’d like you to look through the lens of the food crisis and tell us where we are in this food security crisis. How serious is it and what is USAID doing?

Deputy Administrator Coleman: Thank you so much, Liz, and it’s wonderful to be back on the Concordia stage. The crisis that we’re facing today was, in some ways, long in the making in previous years. It's a confluence of events. We’ve got the disruption of supply chains with COVID-19. We have climate change, which has led to drought in some very significant ways, particularly the Horn of Africa. Big markets have reduced agricultural output. And then, of course, we have Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that has very much disrupted one of the bread baskets–the major breadbasket–of the world. 

23-09-2022 17:00

We started this event with the Minister from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who painted a vision of what we can achieve together in partnership. The DRC is cultivating only 9 percent of their land, but has natural rainfall and the potential to become a breadbasket.

23-09-2022 16:00

Today, I am pleased to announce that the United States is providing more than $170 million in additional humanitarian assistance for the Burma and Bangladesh humanitarian crisis. The United States has provided nearly $1.9 billion in humanitarian assistance since 2017 to help those affected by the Rohingya refugee crisis in Burma, Bangladesh, and elsewhere in the region. Of this new funding, nearly $138 million is for programs in Bangladesh.

23-09-2022 03:30

Minister Azhar Giniyat, Dr. Hans Kluge, Dr. Dumitru Laticevschi, Ms Zarina Kamasova, Dr. Malik Adenov, distinguished dignitaries and speakers, guests, and participants -- Good morning!

22-09-2022 11:30

Good afternoon, everyone. Welcome to the New York Foreign Press Center’s briefing on combatting food insecurity. I’m honored to welcome USAID Deputy Administrator for Policy and Programming Isobel Coleman and Special Envoy for Global Food Security Dr. Cary Fowler.

21-09-2022 18:15

Thank you so much, everybody who has gathered here today. Thank you, Cathy, for your leadership. It's been incredible to partner with you on this very compressed fundraising drive brought about by a very grave emergency out in the world.

21-09-2022 15:30

Needless to say, we are facing a global crisis of really unprecedented proportions. The recent IPCC report called the climate crisis a “code red for humanity.” And you need look no further than the devastating floods in Pakistan which have left nearly one-third of the country underwater, or to the Horn of Africa, where 20 million people are now facing starvation, to know that we are not adapting swiftly enough and we are not reducing our carbon emissions swiftly enough to tackle the scope and scale of this crisis. 

21-09-2022 15:00

Our fight – our long and encouraging fight against HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria – has faced  significant setbacks as a result of COVID-19, and so many other pressing needs around the world. 

21-09-2022 12:15

The United States is really grateful to partner with each of you here today to address this horrific food crisis in the Horn, and thanks for taking the time away from all the other things you could be doing as well. There are a lot of challenges facing the world right now, but none as acute as this one right now.

21-09-2022 11:00

Ladies and gentlemen, my next guest is the Pulitzer Prize winning author who spent four years as UN Ambassador and is currently the Administrator of USAID. Please welcome back to the Late Show Samantha Power. Hey, nice to see you again!

21-09-2022 09:30

I want to start by thanking the Ford Foundation, Girls not Brides, Girls First Fund, and VOW for Girls for continuing to bring urgently needed attention to the complex issues and outright injustices that prevent women and girls from reaching their full potential. 


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